2019 House League Registration
Late Registration Fee's in effect after April 1st 2019 if space is avaialable.
Note: Registration may close prior to March 15th deadline if division is full
**See Section Below Regarding Special Requests**
  2019 Divisions Date of Birth
 2019 Early Bird Rates
End Mar 31st 2019
Regular Registratiion Rates
April 1st 2019
(if space avaliable)
2014 and up $30.00 $30.00
T-Ball 2014 -2015 $140.00 $190.00
Atom 2012 - 2013 $170.00 $220.00
Rookie 2010 - 2011 $230.00 $280.00
Mosquito 2008 - 2009 $230.00 $280.00
Peewee 2006 - 2007 $240.00 $290.00
Bantam 2005 -2001 $240.00 $290.00
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  Special Requests (House League Divisions)
 Due to unmanageable number of requests, the Bolton Baseball Association has instituted a policy regarding player special requests.

 Pairing requests players/coaches Bolton Braves Baseball Associations policy: 

 Only Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be guaranteed to have their son or daughter assigned to their team.  Maximum one head coach and two assistant coaches per team.

• Chained “pairings” are automatically rejected.  Example: Jim to John, John to Sam. etc.

• All “pairing” requests must be reciprocated and agreed to by each parent involved.  Example:  Jim's parents must ask for Sam  and Sam's parents must ask for Jim.

• No “pairing” request will be considered for late registrations (after March 1st.) due to organizational time constraints.

• “Pairing” requests for players failing to attend a mandatory pre-season evaluation clinic will not be considered.

• Bolton Braves Baseball Association reserves the right to award or deny Pairing requests.

Siblings who live in the same household and wish to play on the same team (if division ages permit) are the ONLY special
   requests that will be guaranteed.
What is an evaluation clinic?
A mandatory pre-season assessment and evaluation clinic is generally scheduled in the early May prior to teams being drafted for the purpose of disbursing players equally on teams in each division.  This is to ensure all teams will have players with equal pitching, catching and playing abilities such that a competitively balanced division can be achieved.  All registered players will be notified by email and on a website posting of the evaluation date when it is scheduled.
Can I request a player to be paired with another player or specific coach?
Bolton Braves Baseball Association encourages parents to welcome the opportunity for their children to make new friends.  Organized team sports are an ideal way to ease our children out of comfort zones and teach them valuable life skills that extend beyond the specific sport they are interested in playing.

While the Bolton Baseball Association understands that family circumstances and schedules are challenging and unique, fulfilling “pairing” requests is a complex and difficult undertaking and is discouraged for all but the most exceptional circumstances.  Competitive team balance is a priority for the house league such that each player will enjoy equal opportunity for athletic development and success on the playing field.  To ensure this balance each team must be assigned equal numbers of players at all levels of experience and skill to ensure fairness in each division.  Pairing requests are subject to the following general policy:

Team Selection
Convenors, Executive Members and Rep coaches will run the evaluation process, and evaluate the players (Bantam-Midget).  The Convenor(s) and Executive will determine the placement of players on teams, in an attempt to disperse skill levels evenly.

Note this policy has been instituted for our house league division only. Special request are permitted for the Challenger division.

  2019 House League Projected Game Nights 
Game Time
(2015 - 2014)
6:30 pm
  - St John Paul CS
  - Bill Whitbread
(2013 - 2012)
Weds /Thurs
6:30 pm
  - St John Paul CS
  - Bill Whitbread
  - Jays Care (Bolton Camp)
(2011 - 2010)
Mon / Tues / Weds
6:30 pm
  - Ted Houston 2
  - Caledon East
(2009 - 2008)
Mon/ Tues
6:30 pm
  - Ted Houston 1
  - Caledon East
  - Jays Care (Bolton Camp)
(2007 - 2006)
Weds/ Thurs
6:30 pm
  - Ted Houston 1
  - Caledon East
  - Jays Care (Bolton Camp)
(2005 - 2001)
Mon / Tues / Weds
8:30 pm
  - North Hill 2
* Note: Day may change, projected dated are based on number of teams that are being fielded in each division
** Bantam and Midget divisions may be a joint division based on registration numbers
New Players - First Time Registering
Returning Player Registration
If this is your first time registering a child that has not played baseball with the Bolton Baseball Association you will need to create a profile. This is completed during the initial registration stage.
1) Register & Set up your online Profile
2) Complete Payment online using  Visa|Mastercard|Amex|Paypal
 First Time Registrations
1) use your username and password to login
    (email address & PW used last season to register)
2) Go to Registration History Tab and click the renew button
    next to your childs name
3) Complete Payment using your Visa|Mastercard|Amex|Paypal

After Registering you may:
View your Registration Status
Edit/Change your Profile (i.e. address, telephone, password)
Complete payment | Pay balance owing on your account\
Returning Players
Note: Unpaid registrations will be cancelled after 7 days
Unpaid balance notifcations will be sent via the registration system
 2019 Registration Options
Online registration (see below for link)
   All online payments can be made with your credit card or with your paypal account.
   Note, payment must be completed in 7 days inorder for your registration to be processed.
• In person registration date: Feb 2019 9am to 12pm (Date TBA)
   Albion Bolton Community Centre (upper Level)
   150 Queen Street South, Bolton, ON L7E 1E3
* Registration will not be approved until payment has been received 
Registration Refund / Cancellation Policy - See Policy Listed at bottom of this page
Registration Cancellation Policy
The club can only accommodate a certain number of players in each division, and once a registration is confirmed it reduces the number of remaining spots available. There is also a requirement to approve diamond allocations, uniforms and equipment purchases early in the year. In addition, the club must incur certain costs to register and to refund any player. To defer those costs, a sliding administration charge is levied as follows:
* Cancellations before April 1st, 2019 (Admin Fee = $25.00)
* Cancellations before May 1st, 2019  (Admin Fee = $50.00)
* Cancellations before June 1st, 2019 (50% of registration Cost)
* No refunds after June 1st, 2019
* NSF Cheques returned are subject to a $30 processing fee. Re-payment will only be accepted in cash to the
  Registrar directly.
* Rep/Select Player Registration fee non-refundable.
2019 Walk-In

Bolton Braves Baseball In Person Registration day will take place at the Caledon Centre Recreation & Wellness


- Payment methods for In Person Registration are by Cash|Cheque only

In Person
Registration Date
Feb 2, 2019
9am to 12pm
Family Discount

Family discounted rates are given to multi player registrations.
The rate are as follows:
- Three (3) or more children = $10 off each registration
- Forth (4th) registered child plays for free
In order to take advantage of the family discount it must be done in person at our Walk-In registration day Date: Feb 10, 2018 9am to 12pm at Albion Bolton Community Centre, Auditorium



  • Full uniforms: Jersey, Pants and Cap.
  • Team Photo & individual Player Photos
  • Diamond Fees paid to the Town of Caledon
  • Umpire Fees
  • Equipment: including bats, balls, bases, and catcher gear
  • Trophies for all players
  • Insurance coverage
  • Season Runs From  Approx. the 2nd Week of May and ends Second week of Sept.
  • CSA approved Batting Helmet
  • Baseball Glove
  • Running shoes or Baseball Shoes (Cleats with Rubber Soles not Steel)
  • Genital protection (boys and girls)
 2019 Rep|Select Program Fees
All Rep/Select Players must be registered with the BBBA by Nov 1st 2018
Rep Fees are payable to the BBBA and must be given to the Head Coach before March 1st 2019.
Uniforms will not be distributed untill all fees are paid and cleared
      Rep Divisions             Date of Birth          2019 Rep Fee   Due Date  
Rookie (Minor & Major) 2011 - 2010 $400.00 March 1st 2018
Mosquito (Minor & Major) 2009 - 2008 $400.00 March 1st 2018
PeeWee (Minor & Major) 2007 - 2006 $400.00 March  1st 2018
Bantam (Minor & Major) 2005 - 2004 $425.00 March 1st 2018
Midget (Minor & Major) 2003 - 2001 $425.00 March 1st 2018
Select Divisions  Date of Birth  2019 Select Fee  Due Date  
Rookie (Minor & Major) 2011 - 2010 $300.00 March 1st 2018
Mosquito (Minor & Major) 2009 - 2008 $325.00   March 1st 2018
 PeeWee (Minor & Major)  2007 - 2006 $325.00  March 1st 2018
 Bantam (Minor & Major)  2005 - 2004 $350.00  March 1st 2018
 Instructions to Pay Balance on your account  
 Please refer to the follow steps to pay a balance owing to the BBBA.
 Click on the Parent/Guardian option on the side menu
 Log in with your ID and Password from when you registered online
  - If you forgot your password, click on Forgot your password? and it will be emailed to you directly
 Once logged in, the first screen will display your profile (name, address etc.) which you should review and edit where required.
 Click on the Registration History Tab (to the right of the Profile Tab) to display your registration history.
 Click on the Pay Now icon (to the right of balance) to process your payment.
 Please keep a copy of your payment reference number
 If you have any questions or need assistance please email Robin Andrushko


House League Waiting List - Information
To be placed on the waiting list you must register online in the same manner as you would have registered for the season, Select the proper division (i.e Waiting List - Rookie) based on your son/daughter's birth year
If a spot opens up you will be contacted to process your payment.
Note: Their are NO fees charged when you register for the waiting list.
For assistance or if you have any questions please contact Robin Andrushko - robinandrushko@hotmail.com